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Defining Concepts: organisations reimagined

Reimagining familiar disciplines and topics within organisational life.

  1. Leadership & Governance

    1. What price must people pay for workplace freedom?
    2. What is the role of Senior Leadership in 21st Century Orgs?
    3. What should we measure within a 21st Century Org?
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  2. Purpose & Strategy

    1. What will happen to job titles and defined job descriptions?
    2. If roles are fluid and individuals choose the work they are drawn to, what happens to the less popular tasks?
    3. Purpose & Values: what's different going forward?
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  3. Culture & Values

    1. How should we reconsider our approach to stakeholders?
    2. How can we encourage culturally safe workspaces?
    3. How can we create an experience that is good for people's emotional and mental health?
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  4. Mastery & Identity

    1. What does recruitment look like?
    2. Why is caring for people's mental, emotional and spiritual space important?
    3. How can we encourage storytelling in the workplace?
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  5. Stewardship & Impact/ESG

    1. Is this just another certification - what's different about it?
    2. What does the B Impact Assessment cover?
    3. What are the Impact Business Models (IBMs) that are referred to in the assessment matrix?
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  6. That Unanswered Question

    1. Does Shoremount have a white paper on performance appraisals?
    2. What are Laloux's "Evolutionary Breakthroughs in Human Collaboration"?
    3. How should we redesign a performance appraisal system?
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