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What are some examples of certified B Corps or companies just using the resources?

B Corp launched in 2007 with 43. As of June 2020, there are 3,300 B Corps with many more in the pipeline looking to become one. About 100,000 companies use the B Impact Assessment.

B Corps now span virtually every size and sector, from single-person trading enterprises to multinationals. The aggregate revenue of the global B Corp community is c$90Bn/yr.

Certified B Corps

B Corp Directory: On the B Corp website is the facility to search by region and/or sector.

Here are some of the brands who've certified.

Resource Users

Over 100,000 organisations use the B Impact Assessment tool to evaluate their social and environmental impact. The BIA site lists a few in different sectors.

All non-B Corp organisations undertake the appraisal in confidence. So, a comprehensive list of these organisations isn’t available.

Here are some of the users:

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