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What is a framework or "change model" to help support a way forward?

There is no single solution that works uniformally; no "six steps to success" model on offer. We can't use fixed tools and processes for system change in a complex environment (see: "What is the difference between a complex and a complicated system?").

But, we do have something to share.

It’s understandable that we all search for a model to apply. We are conditioned by the old paradigm, from school classroom to corporate boardroom, to believe there's someone or something outside of ourselves that we must learn from if we are to have any chance of effecting change. When, in reality, showing up, taking an authentic interest and deciding to contribute our humanity is what matters. So the fact that you are here, reading this, using your unique talents to contemplate change is enough in this moment

What we do have is more of a framework to help contextualise the thinking and characteristics of a 21st Century Organisation: The Life At Work Wheel.

There is a pdf version attached. Enjoy!


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