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If I’m ignoring our appraisal process anyway, does it matter?

If we assume, for a moment, that you’re somehow immune to its negativity and problems, what about its effect on your wider organisation? Does that stir any concern in you? Are you interested in remedying it? Think about the enormous waste of energy and resources, emotional and physical, that go into creating, operating and monitoring an appraisal system. Accenture calculated they were spending 2,000,000 people hours a year on theirs! That has an impact on everyone, whether or not they’re playing by the rules

Or is this more a case of apathy? If you’re not taking it seriously, then, it’s likely there are intended benefits of the annual appraisal that you’re not positively contributing to. Plus by just ignoring it you are avoiding contemplating why appraisals are so unhelpful and, therefore, what more appropriate approach could replace it.

Lastly, at its most extreme, if you don’t care about what the appraisal is at least trying to achieve then what does that say about how invested you are in the wider organisational purpose?

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