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What are some good resources (books) covering a single case study?

We must take personal responsibility for our personal mastery, and books are a good place to start.

These are books are built around a particular case study scenario.

There are also articles on "What are some good resources (books) covering the theory of change with a range of case studies?" and "What are some good resources (books) that cover particular topics within 21st Century Org thinking?".

For videos, we curate a range of content, from documentaries to thinking shorts, within our Shoremount YouTube Channel.

In alphabetical order (by author):





Joy At Work
Bakke Applied Energy Services (AES) Energy
Everybody Matters
Chapman/Sisodia Barry-Wehmiller Manufacturing/Investment
Beyond Empowerment
Kirkpatrick Morning Star Manufacturing
Turn The Ship Around
Marquet US Navy Submarine Armed Forces
Team of Teams
McChrystal Special Forces in Iraq Armed Forces
Why Work Sucks
Ressler/Thompson Best Buy Retail
Semler Semco Manufacturing
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