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What are some good resources (books) covering the theory of change with a range of case studies?

We must take personal responsibility for our personal mastery, and books are a good place to start.

These books contain a summary of the theory of change - why it's necessary and why now - and use a variety of case studies and academic research to support the perspective and illustrate it's possible. They are all good introductions to the topic.

Other than this list, there are also articles on "What are some good resources (books) covering a single case study?" and "What are some good resources (books) that cover particular topics within 21st Century Org thinking?", if of interest.

For videos, we curate a range of content, from documentaries to thinking shorts, within our Shoremount YouTube Channel.

In alphabetical order (by author):




Block Philosophy of the change
The Answer to How Is Yes
Block Understanding why not how
Freedom, Inc.
Carney/Getz Theory of change
Edmonson Rhythm of work
The Future of Management
Hamel Management innovation
What Matters Now
Hamel Why change now and how
Exponential Organizations
Ismail Why linear thinking must go
Reinventing Organizations
Laloux Origin of "teal"
My Steam Engine Is Broken
Powell/Gifford Metaphor of change
The Management Myth
Steward Consultancy critique
L/ship & The New Science
Wheatley Biology of organisations
Brave New Work
Aaron Dignan Why and how to change
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