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What are the "seven spheres of society"?

The ever more widely used phrase "seven spheres of society" (sometimes referred to as the “seven spheres of influence”) are the various dimensions of life that come together to make up society as we know it. The terminology originated within the religious sphere (the church) and has become more widely used as organisations in the non-religious sphere (particularly the economics one) went seeking for new terminologies outside of their own to help frame discussion about social impact and issues.

Each sphere sees itself as having a unique purpose and set of characteristics that set it apart. They are a set of definitions that represent a purist perspective from those within that sphere. Not everyone will agree with these definitions. But the general concept is gaining traction as the conversation around reforming society seeks a simple way to look at the complexity of social issues.

Nobody sits within a single sphere: everyone is a mix of many of them. But most people tend to be devoted to some more than others.


The definitions are akin to a vision of greatness for each sphere, self-defined by each sphere. With each one carrying the capacity to be both fulfilled for good or corrupted.


Where justice and peace are safeguarded and authority is used to serve a set of citizens.

Economics (Science, Technology & Business)

Where provision is created, and stewardship is modelled. Science and technology form part of its creative force, with enterprise being the distributor of ideas and resources.

Faith, Spirituality & Belief

Engagement with the immaterial, spiritual realm, extension of mercy and the promotion of reconciled relationships; person-to-person and person-to-God.


The equipping of people for their life purpose through personal transformation and the multiplication of knowledge.


Where life is multiplied, belonging is found and individual identity is first established.


The transfer of wisdom and the promotion of healthy relationships through forms of communication that are life-giving.

Celebration (Arts, Entertainment and Sports)

The strengthening of hope and the building of community through holistic presentations of life that engage the whole person.

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