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Where has hierarchy gone wrong?

Hierarchy isn’t inherently bad. The issue is that, whilst bringing (a form of) order, it can fuel human weakness, including the misuse of power, ego and pride. These, in turn, can drive petty politics and distract from the job at hand.

Hierarchy & Authority

Authority whilst reassuring is traded for freedom. The more someone else tells you what to do - the less you think for yourself. Once you stop thinking, you stop caring.

Hierarchy & Control

Is an excuse to give a small group of similar people all the big decisions. This is a phenomenal waste of many people’s brain power and diversity of thought.

Hierarchy & Accountability

In a hierarchy, being at the top means power and with that accountability. But this is just one way to operate. When power and accountability are diluted and peers are accountable to and for each other, not only can objectives be met effectively without power play or fear, genuine relationships based on equality flourish.

Hierarchy & Bureaucracy

Hierarchy naturally distances those who do the work from those who decide on the work. Consequently, a bureaucracy is required to communicate across this divide. When we are all ‘doers’ and all ‘deciders’, the extra work of bureaucracy can be reduced.

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