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What is B Lab's Scoping Process?

In the case of certifying companies with multiple, related entities, we take all clients through a Scoping Process with B Lab.

(For more information, see: Can you certify a business if there are subsidiaries or related entities involved?)

Under The Scoping Process, the certifying business submits information that answer a series of questions for every entity that would be captured by certification, including the parent company, such as:

Entity name
No. employees
Popeye Ltd
Widget making
Olive Ltd

From B Lab's Perspective

It helps B Lab ascertain issues including, but not limited to:

  • Number of B Impact Assessments; it is not always the case that every single entity must have its own, B Lab tries to aggregate them wherever possible
  • Application of the legal requirements
  • Site visit and inspections if needed

Centralisation & Aggregation

B Lab will try to aggregate assessments wherever possible. So, to meet the governance test, when multiple entities share centralised policies, culture, practices, suppliers etc they will seek to roll into the same assessment, if possible.

But the question of shared branding still remains. Whether B Lab decides they are sufficiently differentiated to not be able to aggregate assessments varies from context to context. It also depends on the marketplace they're operating within.

From The Client's Perspective

It helps the client make an informed decision about what pursuing B Corp would involve in practice. There is a big difference between doing one assessment or two! It also provides clarity on which entity (or entities) need to make the legal change.

It also provides some confirmation from B Lab in advance of committing to this pathway that you are set up correctly. 

Without undergoing this Scoping Process in advance, problems can easily arise causing great frustration and, sometimes, considerable amounts of lost time and cost.

What do you need to do?

To undertake the Scoping Process:

1) Email us to let us know you wish to undertake the Scoping Process. Note, this is a chargeable service.

2) We will share all the necessary documents you need to undertake the scoping exercise. It includes:

  • Read Me file with complete instructions
  • Global Scoping Data Template, a spreadsheet with columns covering all the required entity data
  • Revenue Stream Scoping - template to complete for aggregate service line revenues
  • BIA Workers Calculation Tool - calculating your total Full Time Equivalent employee numbers based on B Lab's assumptions regarding full time, part time, contractors and temporary workers
  • Discovery Phase Questionnaire - some headline questions about eligibility
  • Operational Questionnaire - a range of questions to provide insight into the business model you operate and marketplace you serve.

3) We will review your documents for content and clarification and then liaise with B Lab on your behalf

4) Wait on B Lab's final response.

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