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Do you have resources to help with the BIA and going B Corp?

Do you have questions about the BIA?

There are three places you can go for answers to questions as you go.

The BIA Knowledgebase

At the bottom of the B Impact Assessment tool is a hyperlink to B Lab's knowledgebase. Whilst fairly comprehensive, the content is more about the mechanics of the BIA and less about the wisdom of how to navigate it well.

Shoremount Guide

If you are reading this question, you are in the Shoremount Guide! :-) We try to upload FAQs on a regular basis into here to help clients and friends as they go. Feel free to email us with a question and we will add it to our list.

Shoremount Resources

We have a folder full of advice, tips, best practice guides, project management guides etc to help our clients navigate the B Corp process. If you want access to this, send us an email:

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