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What personal bio resources do you have for John Featherby?

Bios, Photos, Logos

If you need bio, picture and other media assets (such as logos) you can find those for John Featherby and Shoremount in general here:

Google Drive Folder: Bio, Photo & Logo

After Speaking Resources

Hosts often want to send listeners follow up material. Below are some of the more common themes and resources people can use: share what you think is best.

Some links contain a range of resources . We think this works well as it allows people to pick and choose the ones they find most interesting and relevant.


John's LinkedIn profile so attendees can connect with him.

John's Instagram profile so attendees can connect with him.

B Corp

What introductory resources do you have on B Corp? Article sharing a range of decks, flyers and videos on B Corp.

How are investors engaging with B Corp? Article on the scale and ways in which investors are becoming involved with B Corp.

Monthly B Corp Surgery - John hosts a monthly surgery (first Monday of the Month at 5pm GMT) to answer people's questions and queries about B Corp and how they are approaching certification. It can be found on the Shoremount website or via Eventbrite.


Purpose - We Must Think Deeper. White Paper on what the current, institutional approach to purpose is missing and how we can better pursue it by going deeper.


These directly outline Shoremount's consulting work. There is no pressure to share these: please only do so if it feels appropriate and comfortable to do so.

Going B Corp - Shoremount's approach to helping company's become Certified B Corps.

Why Shoremount? - Overview of Shoremount's work in general.

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