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Do you have any introductory materials on B Corp?

Yes! We have a range of materials you can use to learn more about B Corp and/or draw information from your own purposes.

The movement is growing so fast that the statistics contained within may not be accurate at the time of reading.


Why would a business want to be a B Corp?

B Corp Websites

B Corp UK -

B Corp Global -

The B Impact Assessment -

B The Change -

B Corp In The Press

Harvard Business Review - It Pays To Become A B Corp
"B Corp is a watershed moment for business."

The Independent - The Ethical And Sustainable Brands To Know About
"B Corp is arguably the creme de la crémé of eco credentials"

Private Equity International - Why You Should Become A B Corp
"Why you should follow TowerBrook and become a B Corp."

Vogue Business - Why More Brands Are Seeking Out B Corp Certifications
"For people who want to work for, buy from, and invest in businesses they believe in, the B Corp logo has fast become a near-universal signpost."

WWD - B Corps May Be Fashion's Next A List
"B Corps haven’t long carried cachet for brands but it's ramping up"

John Featherby - LinkedIn Post - Stanford Business: The B Corp Movement Goes Big
(Stanford Business article in PDF Format)
"A must read for anybody interested in sustainable business models"

Investor Activity

How are investors engaging with B Corps?
From the small to the multi-billion dollar asset managers.

Research Data

What evidence is there that purpose-led businesses outperform?
Data supporting a more holistic approach to business is widespread.

What evidence is there that B Corps outperform?
Early evidence points to B Corps outperforming the everyday company.


B Corp In The UK

A video introducing the launch of B Corp in the UK. Whilst made for the launch in 2015, still relevant and useful for sharing because it is more about the philosophy of the movement than the timing or the geography.

Shoremount YouTube Channel

On here we have a variety of B Corp playlists: Case Studies, Promotional videos and more technical components.

Leading The Way: Reflecting On Certification

Douglas Lamont (CEO, Innocent Drinks) and Pippa Murray (Founder, Pip & Nut) reflect on the lessons they learned going into and walking through the B Corp Certification process.


B Corp Two Pager

2-page intro to the benefits and Standard Approach to becoming a B Corp. (Shoremount).

B Corp Pamphlet

4-page flyer pdf from B Lab UK introducing the movement. Produced by B Lab.


Extended Introduction to B Corp

Google Slide deck outlining the background to B Corp, the theory of change and an update on the movement as a whole.

Being More B Corp

Shoremount introduction to the pros and cons of B Corp and how we can help.

Why Shoremount?

An introduction to what Shoremount is all about and the nature of our approach in supporting you restore. joy, meaning and freedom to your workplace.


Investors Guide to B Corps

PDF doc created by Patagonia and Yale Center for Business and the Environment

An Entrepreneur's Guide to Certified B Corporations and Benefit Corporations

PDF doc produced by Patagonia and Yale Center for Business and the Environment

Benefit Corporation 101

Benefit Corporation is the legal form that companies in the US take as part of their legal pathway towards being a B Corp. But a company can become a Benefit Corporation without having to become a B Corp.

Shareholder Primacy: Myths & Truths

Short PDF produced by B Lab on some issues pertaining to shareholder value.

Benefit Corps Q&A

FAQs focused on investors, legal and operations.

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