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How (and why) do I add "Team Members" to our B Impact Assessment?

How To Add Team Members

To add Team Members to your B Impact Assessment (BIA) is very straightforward.

At the bottom of the left-hand menu is "Settings". Click this and will show the drop-down option of "Team Members".

This will open up a page that will provide the option to add a Team Member by inserting their email address, which will auto-generate an invite for them.

Why Add Team Members

Internal Colleagues

We encourage you to allow people to use the tool as directly as possible. Downloading into a spreadsheet to divide up the labour is certainly helpful in the right circumstances (such as a large team), but using the BIA itself is very worthwhile because:

  • It is a more fun and engaging experience.
  • It helps people understand how their questions sit in the context of the wider assessment.
  • It is often being within the BIA that causes people to realise what it actually means to be a B Corp; prior to this, there can be a theoretical and emotional disconnect.
  • The reporting tools are very useful to help guide people as to what next
  • It is full of best practice information and case study information that relate to each question
  • You can only download a snapshot in time and, as a result, your downloaded spreadsheet will almost certainly be constantly out of date.
  • Questions open up depending on how you answer other questions, so you may find there are open questions within your BIA that are not captured in your download.

In scenarios where it still makes sense to divide up the work using other methods, incorporate sessions that regularly bring people back to the BIA to review progress, talk about the reports, engage with the user interface etc.

Shoremount Consultant(s)

Whether we are working with you on a full project or just doing a quick check for something, the relevant consultant will need to be added to your BIA.

This is for two primary reasons:

  1. It gives B Lab permission to talk to us about your application, which we will need to do from time to time, partly for GDPR reasons.
  2. So we can have a full perspective. Working from a spreadsheet is fine to review small portions of the BIA whilst in data-gathering mode but it makes it very difficult to see the narrative of the BIA as a whole. How your answers flow and work together is important in terms of how B Lab views your submission.
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