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If you have multiple locations, how much of the business does B Lab expect to be covered by the answers?

There are questions in the assessment that have centralised intent - like recycling, eco purchasing etc - but, in reality, are often locally managed.

This most frequently shows up in the case of businesses with multiple offices.

Generally speaking, there are four different coverages in play within the BIA:

  1. Specific - some questions names a specific percentage of the business that must be covered, so that is the percentage you should follow.
  2. Established definition -  some questions use a term that carries an established definition, such as "zero waste" or "Net Zero". Under those circumstances, the established definition will apply.
  3. The majority - some BIA questions ask for the majority and, in this case, it means simply more than 50%.
  4. Other - in all other cases, assume B Lab expects 80% of the business to be covered by the answer to the question at hand.


In all cases, we recommend you double-check the "Learn" tab that applies to that particular question.

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