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How can you build internal awareness of what being B Corp certified means post certification?

The best starting point is to involve everyone in the company during the assessment and certification process.

But once you have certified you will want to maintain that momentum to continue pulling people into what the movement is all about.

Doing so will help you continue to the quality progress you have made to your market offering and positioning.

Here are some ideas:

  • Create your own internal "Team B Corp" which is made up of people spread across the organisation. This doesn't necessarily require hiring people into these roles unless you are a very large organisation (in which case they would most likely have been hired pre-certification). Have this team responsible for holding regular B Corp updates and other comms related issues.
  • Have one or two people responsible for administrating and facilitating Team B Corp. They don't need to attend all the events etc, you just need someone to make sure they happen, handle the enquiries etc.
  • Develop a three-year plan between certification and recertification with goals set across the three years.
  • Make employee and stakeholder awareness a key goal of Year 1. A sub-goal being that every employee should be able to describe what B Corp is all about and why you pursued it.
  • Create monthly B Corp Ambassadors. At the end of each month, they can share with stakeholders what they learned about the B Corp movement in the process and how it relates to their role. Encourage them to get out and meet other B Corps and learn from them.
  • Build a rhythm of B Corp work that works in rhythm with the seasonality of your business. Choose what to do during the year depending on wider workloads etc.
  • Make wider participation easy.
  • Encourage cross-departmental learning and engagement.
  • Build B Corp thinking and awareness into all new staff hires and training programmes.
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