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How can I prepare for pursuing this change?

Before we pursue the “how” of this change, we must invest the time to ask ourselves the questions that really matter. Ultimately, we'll be asking these questions of others (directly or indirectly), so we need to start by asking them of ourselves.

We are not suggesting you share your answers with others (although you can if you like). The point of this exercise is more one of self-reflection. We encourage you to write your answers down and come back to them.

  • What do I want to create and do I understand it’s not mine to “own”?
  • What am I prepared to invest in this, personally and professionally, and how long for?
  • What kind of person do I want to become?
  • What is meaningful here - why is this worth doing?
  • How am I contributing to the problem?
  • What are my hesitations and doubts?
  • What are my motivations? Would I do this if no one ever knew of my involvement?
  • What question, once answered, am I putting my hope in?
  • Do I understand that freedom is about taking responsibility for the world around me, not just being able to do whatever I want?
  • Do I understand that the price for my freedom is my security?
  • Do I understand that offering freedom to others means freeing their emotions too?
  • Do I understand I must give everyone the unconditional right to say no to me?
  • Can I endure rejection without taking it personally?
  • How much of my identity is wrapped up in my work and the pursuit of this change?
  • How comfortable am I with the idea that more humanity = more intimacy?
  • How much "thinking and being" am I comfortable with compared to my desire to be "doing and acting"?
  • Do I understand there’s no end to this and I must pace myself and expectations accordingly?
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