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Dear [ ________ ],

I’m gathering 4 to 6 people together for some open but confidential discussion, where we can explore [ _______ ]

I would love to find some more authentic community and conversation around this topic. And, hopefully, we might learn from one another as well.

If that sounds of interest, I would be delighted to have you involved because [ _______ ].

My personal experience of small groups is very positive, so I’m quite excited about the prospect of using them in this context.

To make this easy, I plan to follow the “Teylu” format. It was designed for this kind of thing by Shoremount; an award-winning, Founding UK B Corp focused on building more human organisations. So, it has good roots.

Shoremount’s Guide to Human Organisations also has a whole section on the Teylu model, if you want to read some Frequently Asked Questions on it.

I’ll get back to you in a few days to see what you think.

Looking forward to hearing your thoughts,


[ ______ ]

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