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What is the recommended size, length and structure of a Teylu?

There are no fixed expectations, but there is wisdom from experience.


Joining a Teylu is a personal choice: it should be by an invitation, not an obligation. People who would like to become members should be included where possible, and those who either do not want to join or would like to leave should be allowed to do so without repercussions or negativity.


A Teylu is ideally 4 to 6 people. Anything over 8 people starts to lose the agility and flexibility which is part of the effectiveness of the Teylu format. If the demand to join a Teylu grows past 8 people, the group should divide in two. Teylus are designed to change and multiply.


Our formats are designed around a 60-minute meeting. This is because we have focused on making a Teylu work within an organisational context where time is under pressure. But it is very common for people to choose to invest more time than 60 minutes. The basic format (Celebration, Conversation, Connection) can stay the same whatever the length.


This depends on what you’re using the Teylu for and how much time you can invest.

If you want immediate momentum on a particular topic or a set of relationships, you should consider meeting weekly. 

For general progress, where there is less urgency, we recommend meeting at least once every two weeks. Less than this and the Teylu starts to lack continuity and connection between meetings.

If you meet less regularly than monthly you will still have some success, but the meetings will not have the same degree of peer-to-peer support.

To help find the right frequency, ask yourself: “How much of a gap between meetings is too long if someone misses one?”


We recommend every Teylu operates on a topic based or three monthly cycle; at which point, the informal assumption is that the Teylu disbands. This gives Members full flexibility with what to do next: roll straight into another one, change the Topic, invite new people, stop altogether, etc.

Having a defined ending enables:

  1. No one to feel caught in an open-ended group
  2. The Host to feel committed to a short-term responsibility only
  3. Sustained focus on the Topic

If you plan to meet once a month, we recommend holding the First Teylu format as an additional meeting; you would then retain three whole meetings.

The Mini Teylu

The Mini Teylu is a one-off format, so none of the above is applicable.

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