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Why should you write a Topic and what does it involve?

Download our brief presentation which covers all the key questions including:

  1. Opportunity summary
  2. How you will benefit
  3. How you can partner with us
  4. How much content is needed
  5. How a Topic is delivered
  6. How it is priced
  7. Some examples
  8. Next steps

Sample content includes:

What is the opportunity?

Providing some simple content to drive a discussion around a single issue. It can be anything you are passionate or knowledgeable about.

For example, a Teylu might consider:

  • How to embed values across an organisation
  • How to build thriving partnerships
  • How to abolish performance appraisals
  • How to do strategy from the bottom up

Or, they might study and apply a particular case study:

  • [Awesome Company]: how we give more freedom to employees
  • [Awesome Company]: how we use customers for product development
  • [Awesome Company]: how we find low hanging environmental impact
  • [Awesome Company]: the three pillars of our award-winning innovation process

Who is it for?

A community of people gathering in small workplace discussion groups who want authentic conversation in the pursuit of something that matters to them. Your content will help them make some progress.

How do you benefit?

  • Drive change in areas you’re passionate about
  • Generate new revenue
  • Strengthen your brand
  • Turn your learning into case studies
  • Engage your networks in a fresh way
  • Be part of a cutting-edge community
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