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What are the Three Teylu Values?


Because it excels at relationship.

It determines our value for ourselves, those around us, those yet born. It sees us as agents and contributors over consumers and victims. It is integrity, trustworthiness, stewardship, courage and authenticity. It is a generous spirit; the desire to see others prosper and affirmed. It is a question of identity and heart. Because we can grow in it, but first we must choose it.


Because it pursues the positive.

It seeks faith over fear; in ourselves, in others, in a grander story. It is a mindset of abundance not scarcity: it looks to who we are and what we have, not who we’re not or what we lack. It waits patiently for that which matters; not in idleness but eager preparation. It leads us onwards, regardless of context. Because where there is hope there is always life and the potential for joy.


Because it serves others first.

It doesn’t live from rights, privilege and entitlement. It pursues meaning and connection, not importance. It seeks to understand sincerely and empathise wholeheartedly. It gives space and platform. It puts questions over statements. It embraces our weakness and vulnerability as an act of strength. It sees others in the light of our own faults. It is gracious, forgiving and powerful.

See: "What is the Teylu Charter?" to explore how this might work itself out in practice.

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