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What is the Teylu Charter?

The Charter lays out the Teylu’s cultural and behavioural expectations and boundaries. Writing out the behaviours and boundaries we hope to see is the next stage beyond considering the values: it's how the values manifest themselves and the mindsets that underpin them.

The First Teylu discusses whether to add personalised values; be they unique to the Teylu, or drawn from a wider organisational context.

The Charter

See all participants as equally valuable, including myself
Recognise that the change I seek depends upon my taking responsibility for it
Have faith in the people around me
 Recognise authentic, vulnerable communication as leadership
Choose not to take offence, especially during disagreement
Encourage everyone to be a contributor and to be honoured for it
Focus on the future, the hopeful and the positive
Believe that my physical and emotional presence really matters
Choose empathy, grace and generosity over judgement, defensiveness, and fear
Seek personal growth not only for its own sake but also for the greater good
Keep the space safe through discretion and confidentiality
 Delight in the joy and energy that emerges from connection
Prioritise the relationships over the issues

The spirit of this Charter asks that we encounter and relate to one another in new ways.  That we adopt a level of humility and dialogue that isn’t always easy. That we have patience in the process and each other. We are ready for this challenge.

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