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How do we create the right physical environment for a Teylu?

A Teylu is not a regular meeting. It is a space to be yourself and connect with others. The environment where you choose to hold it should reflect this as well as the way people are welcomed into that space:

  • Create a place which brings to life the work culture you want. Teylus are about people. The space should be warm, inviting and without barriers.
  • Avoid tables. If you must have tables choose circular ones so everyone is facing each other.
  • Do not have empty chairs; if someone leaves, remove their chair from the group.
  • Meet and greet people as they arrive and help them join existing conversation.
  • Warmingly invite in latecomers.
  • Ensure people who leave early are recognised for their contribution and not made to feel bad for having to leave.
  • Share food, as much as is possible in the space.
  • Think about the light and the music and how this can make it more welcoming and relaxing.
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