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Why form or join a Teylu?

The power of small social groups

Did you know that being part of a small social group can improve your health? Research shows it can even extend your life.

Have you ever experienced the support, resilience, belonging, and personal development offered when you meet others with a common purpose?

Small and high performing teams, social clubs, spiritual or faith-based groups are all examples of this.

What Teylu does is bring the power of small group meetings to the workplace.

The result: more trust, more resilience, better relationships and therefore more capacity for change.

We’ve done the work for you

Teylu is a flexible format for a small group meeting, designed specifically to support open discussion and relationship building in the workplace.

The work is done. Simply download the field guides, get some people together and give it a go.

The Teylu format can be customised to tackle any shared purpose; the Teylu Focus. This is most likely to be change of some kind. Organisational change has a high failure rate because it doesn’t emerge from the people expected to wear it. Teylu’s ask that members model the behaviours required for effective change, and provide a simple and adaptable way to approach change of any kind.

Teylus ARE change, not just a method to deliver it.

Real connection and community

Real connection in the workplace is the magic that makes teams work well and great stuff happen. Teylu’s are designed to nurture this above all else.

People are hungry for real community and authentic support. Teylus offer this.

Being & Doing

Teylus ask members to be present, open and to bring their whole selves to the space before they discuss what needs to be done (the Topic). This creates a unique empathetic environment where people are really heard and understood. Not only is this beneficial to our personal well-being but it sets up the group for success in whatever Teylu Focus or shared purpose they want to pursue.

Modelling Self Management

Research and common practice are pointing at the success of freedom based workplaces, where employees are increasingly self-managed.

Teylus are a self-managed unit. Members look to each other, not to a boss, for solutions. Teylus are designed to teach responsiveness and agility within an organisation without centralised control.

Meeting Needs with Excellence

Teylu Members have access to a growing knowledge base, which explores what it means to be an effective organisation for the now and the future. This can provide Teylu members and their wider organisations a bigger picture view on how and why change supported by the Teylu format will set them up for success.

Personal Gifts

A Teylu is a great space for people to use their personal gifts; in particular, those senses (such as intuition) that are often demoted in the traditional workspace. In a Teylu you can bring your unique life experience to a collective discussion that others can benefit from. Because of the relational, small group nature of a Teylu, it is also an environment in which people will learn about their own giftedness. 

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