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What are some essential hosting tips?

Everyone Speaks

Ensure everyone speaks regularly; not allowing a few to consistently dominate the space. This creates a universal sense of belonging and ownership. This is why the Teylu is kept small.

Avoiding Advice

Avoid adopting the role of advisor.  People are doing that everywhere. We need to create space for people to find their own way. Ask people to rethink statements as questions.

Be The Example

Hosts should model the culture and demonstrate the types of answers sought. They should be prepared to answer first to show what’s expected and kickstart some momentum.

Respond, don’t dominate

Feel and respond to the conversation flow, don’t be controlling and overbearing. Hosts can be tempted to talk too much. Move the Teylu along its framework in a natural and timely fashion.

Lulls in Dialogue

Always be looking for questions to ask and people to draw into the conversation. A Teylu working at its best will have all Members taking responsibility for curiosity and progress.

A Phrase For Disagreement

“Help me to understand…” reframes the mindset of the one asking the question and shifts their language from one of confrontation to one of humility and a willingness to learn.


We show up to what matters to us.  Frequent absenteeism can feel like a betrayal. Gently remind regular absentees in private that the community suffers when they don’t show.

Unwillingness To Join

We only need 20% or so of a community to commit to a new culture for it to make a sufficient difference. If a portion of a community or workplace does not want to join the Teylu, they do not need to be forced.

Burnout Risk

It can be overwhelming when we go beneath the surface and discover how people are really feeling. It’s important to respect our own well-being, and take time to process the experience.

Organisational Recognition

A Teylu is a worthwhile endeavour regardless of any formal recognition from an organisation. But, if the organisation is willing, formal recognition can generate greater energy and commitment.


Don’t sacrifice the independent autonomy of your Teylu. If an organisation ends up with many Teylus, don’t start centrally mandating or controlling the life and content of each one.

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