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What are the Teylu formats?

The formats are divided between the Teylu and the Mini Teylu.

The Teylu

Aside from the first meeting, you use the same customisable format for every meeting.

The First Teylu Format is for your first meeting. It introduces the Members and sets the context and culture going forward. We provide everything you need for this meeting.

The Regular Teylu is for every other meeting. It's a structure that wraps meaningful connection and dialogue around the topic you want to discuss: your Teylu Focus.

See: The Teylu Formats

The Mini Teylu

The Mini Teylu is a specialised format for a singular, meaningful discussion; ideal for people wanting topical, quality dialogue without the three-month commitment.

As a distilled Teylu, that retains its key attributes, it can be used to trial the Teylu norm.

Long-term connection and change will likely require a full Teylu. But, if you commit wholeheartedly to a Mini Teylu, you will have a powerful discussion.

See: The Mini Teylu Format

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