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What is some data that supports the need for a Teylu?

The following statistics are divided into two lists.

The first is for what we call "restored" companies - those that authentically care about people with a high priority on meaning, trust and freedom.

The second is for the typical company (where most people work) with its high levels of centralised control and low levels of trust.

Restored workplaces

4x revenue growth

Kotter, Forbes

2.5x revenue

Hay Group Study

93% of CEOs say it would be easy to recommend something that pursues empathy.

Business Solver

3x market return

Great Place To Work Poll

50% less employee turnover

Great Place To Work Poll

3x more productive

Great Place To Work Poll

30% higher customer satisfaction


30% more enterprising

Global Innovation 1000

2.3x fewer sick days/year

Roger Herman, The Social Workplace

93% proud of their employer

Great Place To Work Poll

100% more unsolicited job applications


50% fewer accidents

Roger Herman, The Social Workplace

87% tie empathy to performance


70% prioritise empowerment

Society For Human Resource Management

82% culture is comp. Advantage


147% outperformance


87% want long-term employment

Great Place To Work Poll

Typical workplaces

87% not engaged


34% plan to leave in next 1yr

Dynamic Signal

47% not inclined to innovate

Global Innovation 1000

60% don’t know their org’s goals

The Muse

88% leave for non-money issues

Leigh Branham, 7 Hidden Reasons

80% of sen.managers no passion

Fit Small Business

13% would recommend their employer

Roger Herman, The Social Workplace

2x more likely to die of cardiovascular disease

BMJ Medical Journal

125,000 excess deaths/year

Huffington Post

$130Bn excess costs/year

Prof. Jeffrey Pfeffer, Stanford Business School

Dying for a Paycheck

76% looking to leave if feeling unvalued

Dynamic Signal

$11Bn/yr employee turnover cost

Forbes & Bureau of National Affairs

3% feel key to the organisation

Roger Herman, The Social Workplace

12% of Executives say their company has the right culture


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