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Who should be the Host and Co-Host?

Knowledge of how to host won’t guarantee success; the Host must genuinely care about connecting people authentically to make it work.

Five characteristics of a great Host include:

  1. Humility - The Host is part of the group, not over it.

  2. Love - The Host is passionate about supporting the group.

  3. Empathy - The Host can put themselves into other Member’s shoes. 

  4. Openness - The Host wants to know and be known by the Members. 

  5. Honour - The Host affirms and encourages people and their contributions.

If there is an experienced facilitator in the Teylu, their best role may be as the Co-Host, not as the Host. That way the hosting role can go to someone with more to learn.

People who are less visible and forward frequently have exemplary leadership and hosting skills; for starters, they understand what it is like to be overlooked and misunderstood. A very outgoing and vocal Host may dominate the dialogue.

The Hosting role can be rotated within the Cycle because it helps everyone learn how to host.

The Host role should always be voluntary with Members being encouraged to give it a go, rather than having the task allocated to them.

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