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How do I prepare for the first Teylu?

Recruit a Co-Host

Ask someone who will be in the Teylu to help you, as Host, do the best job you can. This will involve debriefing between Teylus but, in particular, is to co-evaluate whether everyone is speaking and no one is dominating the conversation - including you, the Host.

If you want to share the Hosting role around the group, then it would be a good idea to notify the group of that in advance. However, it is usually best to retain the organising role with a single individual.

Open a group chat

WhatsApp, Slack etc. to maintain contact and share information throughout the Teylu.

Prepare your resources

Read through the First Teylu Guide and decide what you will use in the Flexible Sections, such as the Closer and Takeaway (if anything).

Print any resources you need for the First Teylu.

Have something you can take notes with.

Consider the space

Where are you going to hold it? A meeting room? Someone's home? A coffee shop?

If appropriate, consider how you intend to help the physical space feel warm, welcoming and conducive to good conversation.

Some form of food to share, even if just snacks, is highly recommended.

Perhaps send a friendly reminder

If it has been a while since you sent the invite, a day or two before circulate a friendly reminder of the details, including any information on what to bring. Express that you’re looking forward to spending time together.

Absorb the Three Values and Charter

As Host, you will need to model the behaviours that give the Teylu format its power. The Three Values and Charter is a quick way to remind yourself of these behaviours. Most importantly you will need to be open, honest and vulnerable with your group. Think of things you may be able to share that will help other members feel comfortable doing the same: mistakes made, apologies for a failure, requests for help etc.

Humility and transparency will set the scene for the whole Teylu and is the best way to encourage quality dialogue.

Take a moment

Hosting a Teylu requires self-awareness and emotional instincts. To be at your best, you need to feel calm and centered going into the Teylu. Allow time for a few minutes of calming activity before the members arrive.

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