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How can I evaluate how well the Teylu has gone?

Organisations and workplaces are straining under the weight of endless measurement. The Teylu is about people, relationship and community. For this reason, we don’t recommend a fixed metric-driven approach to assess its performance.

But we do recommend asking yourself as the host, or any member of the Teylu, some key questions to prompt thought about how well the Teylu is going and where it could be better:

  • Did people exhibit the values displayed in the Charter?
  • What did I learn I was good and bad at?
  • Did I recognise who needs encouragement to speak up or make room for others?
  • Does everyone appear built up and encouraged?
  • Did anyone feel uncomfortable receiving praise?
  • What do I need to watch out for next time?
  • Do people seem willing to take more personal responsibility for the change we seek?
  • Do people feel adequately resourced to move forward?

Some Hosts ask Members for feedback on how they are hosting the Teylus. This enables them to improve and to ensure the Teylu is getting the most out of the format.

The Field Guide for each format also includes a question at the end of each section to help you evaluate how the Teylu has gone. They are not intended to be asked publicly at the end of the Teylu itself, in order to maintain focus on the Common Purpose of the Teylu and to respect time limitations, but are a useful prompt.

For more thoughts on measurement, see: "What is the role of measurement in C21st Organisations?"

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