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What are the Impact Business Models (IBMs) that are referred to in the assessment matrix?

The B Impact Assessment is tailored to each individual organisation depending on size, sector etc. One of the characteristics it looks at is the motivation driving the business model and its mission. These can be loosely defined as followed:


Ownership models that empower employees

Customer benefiting products & services

Products/services designed to create social benefit

Environment benefiting products & services

Products/services designed to restore and conserve the natural environment

Workforce development

Hiring and training for chronically unemployed populations

Supply chain poverty alleviation

Supply chain strategies that reduce poverty

Local economic development

Strengthen local economies through procurement, ownership, customers, charitable giving

National economic development

Strengthen national economic development via privatisation or import substitution

Producer cooperative

Supplier owned structures that empower suppliers through decision making and profit distribution

Designed to give

Charitable giving business models that donate 20%+ of profits to charity

Designed to conserve

Environmental practices that redesign traditional processes to conserve natural resources

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