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Why trial a Teylu?

Teylus are an effective and powerful source of wellbeing, energy and inspiration.

Teylus are adaptable to any scenario.

Teylus are based on ancient practices of community building.

Teylus blend a rich heritage of social change with a deep understanding of the future of work.

Teylu objectives are supported by a wealth of data and research, including:

85% experience positive changes in their life from small group attendance. Circles

92% of Executives now see organisational redesign as a critical priority. Deloitte

4x revenue growth in companies with high-quality cultures. Forbes

For more data see: "What is some data that supports the need for a Teylu?"

“Beneath the current economic crisis lies a crisis of far greater proportions: the depreciation in companies of community… it may best begin with small groups...”

Mintzberg, Harvard BR

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