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What is different about a Teylu?

You join by choice - they are not compulsory.

You hold the authority - they are not monitored by someone else, such as HR, by default.

You bring your whole self - they are not the average, functional meeting.

You are always sufficient - they are not going to require you to change or skill up first.

You prioritise real connection - they are not a surface level network or process.

You progress firstly as a community - they are not a platform for individualism.

You are in a space that is intentional - they are not overwhelmed by the prevailing culture.

You take ownership through citizenship - they are not a place that expects others to act first.

You adopt a mindset of positive abundance - they are not dominated by a focus on problems.

You prioritise the need to be looking forward - they are not defined or driven by the past.

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