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What resources does Shoremount have on ending and replacing annual performance appraisals?

Yes! Below are some resources you can use to consider your approach to performance appraisals.

White Paper - End Your Annual Appraisal

A white paper that explores why annual performance appraisals are unhealthy, what a positive alternative looks like and how you can begin to transition.

End Your Appraisals - Cheat Sheet

One-pager summarising the white paper and the steps you can take to implement a new model.

Annual Appraisal FAQs

This link will take you to a complete collection of Frequently Asked Questions on Performance Appraisals and the transition away from them. If something you want to know isn't there, just email us (! :-)

The Wider Context

The nature and existence of the status quo performance appraisal system stems from a set of beliefs about the nature of employees and performance. Here are some additional articles that are about the wider context performance appraisals sit within and why that should change with it.

What is wrong with the way people are currently managed?

Which underlying beliefs are preventing organisations from thriving today?

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