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How does a Teylu work?


A loosely facilitated discussion, structured to build a culture strong enough to tackle challenging topics, pursue its Focus and encourage personal development.

The First Teylu: an introduction to one another, the values and people’s reasons for joining.

The Regular Teylu: a structure to pursue the Teylu’s Common Purpose for the Cycle.


Regularity depends on context and goals: fortnightly is the average. Every three months each Member then chooses whether or not to commit to a new Cycle.

Common Purpose

The Common Purpose of a Teylu is two-fold:

Being: Every Teylu is designed to develop its Members’ sense of identity, self-worth and potential.

Doing: Every Teylu will have a specific purpose - a Focus; such as reimagining a process, pursuing an opportunity, raising their performance or developing a set of relationships.


All Teylus have access to this Knowledgebase, where they can opt to share ideas and experience. In addition, they can partner or connect directly with other Teylus; for example, if they want to learn from, or explore alongside, other Teylus pursuing similar issues.

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