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What is the key benefit of a small group meeting (such as a Teylu) over a large group gathering (such as a conference)?

Having both the large and small working together is important. They both help us commit to change within ourselves and our organizations. They would be incomplete without one another.

But, commitments made within large group settings can lack lasting power due to the lack of personal accountability.

Most conferences attempt some form of both small and large groups, but conference breakout sessions and roundtable exercises are more about immediate, practical functionality than they are about relationship building and ongoing accountability.

Teylus help Members put their theories into practice, bounce ideas off one another, and provide support for the growth and change process.

It is about daily choices; if we solely attend conferences then we run the risk of telling ourselves we’re contributing to change more than we are, which makes actual change harder.

If people want to gather at a larger scale, then we encourage the forming of what we call "Restoration Groups" - which is around 8 Teylus coming together around a common purpose: geographical, topical, industrial etc.

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