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What is the value proposition of becoming a B Corp?

There are some opportunities, particularly on the community side, that are only available to companies who formally join the B Corp network. However, using the assessment tool, accessing the shared learning, applying the best practice guides and acting on the ideas for improvement are available to everyone. It also depends on whose perspective we are looking at the value proposition from: the board? marketing? operations? Here is a varied list of benefits an organisation may see across both scenarios:

  • Commercial durability
  • Future-proofing and resilience
  • Lower risk profile
  • Mission lock without asset lock
  • Mission clarity
  • Access to a global community
  • Competitive differentiation
  • Thought leadership
  • Mission-aligned partnership potential
  • Long-term sustainability
  • Investor attention and attraction
  • Increased internal transparency
  • Shared cost-benefit examples
  • Business-wide assessment tool
  • Benchmarking options
  • Risk management tool examining whole business
  • Opportunity to introduce environmentally friendly processes
  • More cost-effective practices
  • Operational and brand value alignment
  • Stronger supply chain relationships
  • Identify areas for improvement
  • Employee engagement
  • Access to best practice guides and templates
  • Collective marketing
  • Avoid “greenwashing” perceptions
  • Fresh ways to engage with the market/stakeholders
  • Exciting project to be involved with
  • Greater employee voice
  • More supply chain transparency
  • Makes responsible business a board concern
  • Incorporates other sustainability practices
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