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Is the B Corp movement only for a particular type/size of business?


There are over 3,000 B Corps globally, and they cover a vast range of industries, sectors and sizes. The UK community ranges from a one-person start-up to a multi-million pound UK wide company.

Understandably, there are few organisations at the institutional scale, firstly because there are less of them in general, but also because of the complexity that would be involved in transitioning to a B Corp because of the required legal change. The largest B Corp globally is Laureate, a higher education provider operating across 28 countries with over a $1Billion of annual revenue. The largest B Corp in the UK is Ingeus, a public sector employment and health programmes provider with revenue of circa £200 million.

Other huge organisations, such as Unilever, are committed to the B Corp movement in different ways, such as using the B Impact Assessment as a benchmarking tool. Ben & Jerry’s is a B Corp and that is part of Unilever.

Everyone joins for different and overlapping reasons. Every organisation is unique, and the assessment is tailored dependent on a company’s size, sector and geography.  In the case of larger corporates, with a number of entities, multiple assessments may be needed.

You can be almost sure that there’s a B Corp in your sector already, or there’s one in the ever-growing pipeline of businesses looking to become one.

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